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How to Recycle


It’s all well and good to find and purchase products that are recyclable, but sometimes actually recycling it is an issue! 


Below we’ve given you some links to some great resources to help you find your nearest recycling centres for some of the products we use that can’t go into general recycling. Please do check your packaging and bottles, 95% of UK councils recycle PET plastic so as long as it is clean it should be able to go to them. Also note that often a bottle will be recyclable, but a pump will not be, so be sure to separate them when you’re dividing up. 




TerraCycle is our biggest friend here, and on the link above they have all the information on what cosmetic packaging they can recycle that we can’t dispose of through regular streams. Through public drop-off locations, which can be found on the website the items we have used up can be collected sent off. Lovely people that have volunteered to run drop-off sites earn points back for everything they send to recycle. There are locations all over the country, but you can apply to be a member of the program and set up a drop off location yourself or for your production too.


Please note that although Garnier have obviously been helping them with this, they will accept any brand of packaging. 


Recycle Now


It’s hard to know how to recycle all those little bits and pieces we use sometimes. Recycle now are an amazing resource to let us know what we can recycle, what we cannot - and what to do with the things that we can



Other Tips on how to avoid recycling at all!


Plastic free shops:


There are many plastic free shops that have opened up over the last few years. They are mostly independent so it probably isn’t that helpful to list them all here, but they are wonderful places that sell not only dry goods and food but often personal care items too. In my local, Pipoca Vegan, and many others you can take bottles in to be refilled with shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent and conditioner, hand soap and many many other useful things. It might be useful seeking out one near your unit base, or seeing if you can give a trainee an early off so they can refill at one local to them if there isn’t one near you!


Loop Store


Loop store has just launched, and it looks great. They supply lots of the things we are used to from a supermarket in zero-waste, reusable packaging. They provide it in a special tote, and when it’s used up you send it back when your next order is delivered. They then wash and sanitise your old packaging, refill and send on to the next user! There is a deposit price for the packaging which you get back once you send it back. It would be lovely to see us and productions using services like this where possible. 



Do you know of any other great resources we can feature? Get in touch here! 



Helena x