Encouraging sustainablity within arts & media

What do we mean by Ethical?

This is an important question! Everyone will have different priorities and no practise or product will be perfect! We've written a much larger blog post you can find here

Who are we?

We are a group of Hair and Makeup Artists, working primarily in film, television and theatre, and spanning the length and breadth of the UK, as well as internationally. We care about the world around us and what is happening to it. This is our small way of trying to make a difference in an industry that is notoriously wasteful.


Although our departments are usually small we still leave a footprint on the world when we work, and hopefully our work here can guide us towards making that footprint as small as possible. We know there are ecologically-concious people in every department, but if we're seen to make an effort and make a difference, others will follow. Then, all of a sudden, our little efforts will become big changes! Find out more about how we started here.




Helena Card


'The Management':

Deb Kenton

Jackie Sweeney

Kim Freeland

Leanne White

Sarah Pickering




Ann Fenton

Barbara Taylor

Caroline Greenough

Natasha Nikolic-Dunlop